Friday, January 20, 2012

The 11 th New Jersey Regiment of Volunteers at Gettysburg Part 1

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Its late in the day, but I promised an update or at least part one of a five part series on the 11th at Gettysburg..
Part 1 is going to be this .. And intro. Part 2, introduction of the officers.. Part 3 Prelude to Gettysburg, Part 4 Gettysburg.. Part 5 Post Gettysburg and a bit of what ever happened to.....

The regiment was made up of men from every county in the state at the time, except Gloucester. A good portion of them where from the top of the state, but there were men from Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean and also Burlington County, along with Salem and Cumberland..

They represented a broad range of the society of New Jersey at that. time. From the common laborer, dock workers, farmers and fisherman to accountants, lawyers, railroad men and teachers.

It takes almost 30 days from time the call goes out calling men for 3 years service, to the time they muster in in mid August 1862 in Trenton NJ. Given a broad range of weapons including .577 Springfields, enfields, .69 caliber smooth bores and even a belgian rifle or two. Its this mismash that will give the QM of the regiment headaches as they will hold on to this variety of weapons through out the conflict..

They muster in with 996 officers and men. Standard size for a regiment of the period.  And given their first set of colors, both state and national during the muster in ceremony. The first national flag, tattered and war worn, has disappeared to history.. It was replaced post Gettysburg by another flag of which, it now rests in the State Archives at 225 State Street in Trenton.

They board the trains for Washington, about the time the Army of the Potomac is fighting for its life on the plains of Bull Run.... Their saga, their story has only just begun...

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  1. Here is some info on a member of the 11th NJ from Bergen County.

    DANIEL AURYANSEN, from Hackensack, born 1837(son of Garret G. Auryansen, great grandson of Resolvert Auryansen a Rev War soldier [brother of my grandfather 7 generations back]).

    Daniel served and died in the Civil War. The enlistment record for Daniel lists him with the Adriance surname, whether the entire branch of the family adopted the name is not known. Daniel served in the Civil War with Co. K 11th. New Jersey Voulnteers. He enlisted on August 11, 1862 and was mustered in on the same day for a three year enlistment. He was promoted to 3rd Corpral on November 11, 1862. On November 1, 1863 he was made a Seargent. He died June 20, 1864 at field hospital of wounds received in action near Petersburg Va. at the age of 27. He is most probably buried in an unmarked grave at Petersburg Va. With his death an entire branch of the family died since he was the only male in that line.

    Here is the fun part - Daniel's grandfather 6 generations back - Adriaen Lambertse is a grandfather of General James Longstreet, and also of Gerrit Smith (who practically started the war)

    Tim Adriance