Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Answer to the 20th Maine Vs the 11th NJ..

Here is the answer.... According to the book compiled by Dr David Martin and John Busey, "Regimental Strengths and loses at Gettysburg".. 20th Maine... This is a stunner btw... 20th Maine. 125 total... 29 kia,91 wounded and 5 missing... drum roll please... 11th nj 17 killed outright 124 wounded (about a third of these were dead by the middle of August) and 12 missing.. Of those 12 6 end up in Andersonville all but one die there. Total 153... 55.6% of engaged strength.. Blow you away yet??? ;-)

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  1. I got to thinking about this some more.. Why would this be the case. The 20ths numbers are sort of miss leading. One would say now wait a minute Jim they had more KIA.. True.. They most likely had quite a number of head wounds and upper torso hits. So they would tend to be quick death. But the 11ths numbers of dead climb to slmost double within a month of the battle as those who were hit in the lower torso, or leg would lose said leg, and then die from shock, gangrene or dysentery. a month later, the muster rolls show almost 30 die of their wounds post battle. Even into September there are a couple who succumb to them.. The rosters are interesting when one gets into them. Now did the 20th maine have that happen as well.... I am sure.. And we can make numbers tell the story we want. But my bigger point is that here was the 11th NJ, thrust into a place they shouldn't have been, framed against a white building, and a red barn, along with bright blue sky. Their colors also a perfect target. And according to McAllisters and Schoonovers AARs they fought hard and paid dearly for their steadfastness. NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THE !!TH NJ!!!!! Until now.... And that's what this blog is going to be about.. Jim