Thursday, January 12, 2012

Desecration at Brandy Station.....

One of the things I will also do, is point my readers to other issues that are near and dear to my heart. And one of them is Preservation.

I have not commented on what has happened at Brandy Station till now.

Eric Wittenberg who is even more familiar with the issue at Brandy Station and the battle that took place there, has explained and also pounded away at those who created the problem. Far better then I could

But I will say this. WHEN you go to Eric's Blog, you will find a well documented explanation of the problem that occurred. But I will add this.. Where the problem occurred on the battlefield is where the 1st New Jersey Cavalry attacked from up Fleetwood Hill. The 1st NJ, lost its Colonel, its Lt Colonel killed and mortally wounded. It also lost its Major as well. The regiment suffered heavily at Brandy, and to have the ground the fought on so badly desecrated is beyond acceptable. Men paid that last full measure there. And they were from my home state. Brandy Station was part of the Gettysburg Campaign. The 1st New Jersey Cavalry monument can be found over on East Cavalry Field at Gettysburg.

Some thing tells me, though the regiment did not suffer heavy casualties at Gettysburg itself. It only lost I think one killed and several wounded though they were in the middle of the fighting on the third day. They picked Gettysburg. And not Brandy Station. Which is in actuality where it really belongs. In my opinion.
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