Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Intro, the purpose and yea.. I am going to try again

Hi all..
Well we are going to try this again.. This time we are going to focus on Ta DA! New Jersey at Gettysburg.

By way of review Gettysburg was not only a 3 day battle in the American Civil War, fought over 3 long bloody days, but it began in the early days of June of 1863 and ended about Mid July of the same year. Over that time, two very large armies totaling between 160,000 to 180,000 marched from basically just south of Fredricksburg Va, up the the heart of Maryland and also the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia into south central Pa.

New Jersey was in the middle of that. What this will be about will to share the research that I have spent gathering over the last decade on New Jersey and its role in the battle, but also we will touch on the lives of the men who served in the units from NJ that fought there.

I will also use it to share the behind the scenes going on as I began to wrap up the book that has been a labor of love for so many years. Into the Vortex of Fire the 11th New Jersey in the Gettysburg Campaign. I also have two other books in the beginning stages. I will also use this to share the goings on there as well...

And then last but not least, as a member of the board of Trustees of the New Jersey Civil War Heritage Association, I will share as much as possible the goings on and the up coming events as we push forward to the 150th Anniversary of the battle.

So off we go........

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