Thursday, January 19, 2012

May I Introduce the New Jersey Civil War Heritage Association.. or THE NJCWHA

Hey all,
Welll back in 2003 I had met Joe Bilby while stomping the cemetery where my Mom and other families are buried. We chatted and the next thing I know I am invited to join the NJCWHA. Welllll I showed up at the annual meeting and as some one once said the rest is history.
I have been a member of the Board of Trustees ever since. Now I am about to be elected to my 4th term. I found myself tonight thinking about what has transpired since then And now I am so deeply involved with it its a part of my daily living.
The organization is dedicated to the preservation of the Civil War Flags from the State of New Jersey, anddddd deeply dedicated to educating the general public and also Civil War nuts like us in what New Jerseys part was in the late War of Rebellion.
As the 150 anniversary and commemoration of the Civil War goes on, the organization is committed to not only commemorating  this incredible time in our nations history, its also dedicated to preservation as well.
The Board is led by Dr David Martin. Author, publisher and professor at the Peddie School in Hightstown. NJ. Dr Dave or DOC as I have grown to call him is also now numbered among my dear friends. But I have also gotten to know Joe Bilby another author. Jim Madden author and our treasurer. Mike Horgan, John Kuhl, Andy Megill, Norm Dykstra our secretary and Iron Brigade officianado. Johnathan Kinney, and Tom Burke who I found out tonight has been recruited and will serve as the reenactor coordinator for To Appomattox. The new multipart series that is going into production in May 2012.
Its a great organization and doing so much.. And tonight I realized how much I count all of these dear men as friends, and yes in a way.. Family. One more we also picked up tonight as a new Trustee, Mr Bob Costello, who I have gotten to know over the last 3 years and does a great MR LINCOLN.. I know I am forgetting others. So many working now behind the scenes....
Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!

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