Monday, January 23, 2012

A new book coming out New Jersey at Gettysburg

Hi all,
I wanted to give you all a heads up.
Early spring a new book published by Longstreet Publishing will be coming out. The narrative is written by my good friend Dr. David Martin. Titled New Jersey at Gettysburg it will include an explanation of what each unit did at Gettysburg. Where the monuments are located and if you have GPS you can track each of the positions that units were at during the 3 days. It will also include bios on key officers from NJ at the battle.

John Winkleman, LBG expert on NJ at Gettysburg, along with several others contributed to the book. Phil Liano was kind of enough to allow Doc to use his maps.

I excited about this book coming out. And knowing DOC like I do, I think it will serve a gap that is so sorely missing on NJ at Gettysburg.  I will let you know the publishing date for it. Personally I cannot wait..

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  1. Just an update on this.. Just reviewed the final edition of the book. Its good to go. It should be out in about two weeks. JIM