Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Jersey didnt do any thing at Gettysburg? Or how I got started ..

Several years ago now, I was in the old Cyclorama at Gettysburg. I was standing next to a diorama of Picketts Charge. A young lady walked up as I was standing there. And we got talking. She asked me where I was from and I told her , "New Jersey"... She goes, well they didnt do any thing here! They had only 15% casualties!
I knew enough about the battle back then to know this wasnt right. and set off to find out as Paul Harvey would say, THE REST OF THE STORY!

So out of that chance meeting began a passion a drive to know what DID NEW JERSEY DO at Gettysburg?
And it shocked me... They were in every part of the battle and yes even the first day. They were at places that are now part of Gettysburg lore.. The Wheatfield, The Peach Orchard, The Valley of Death, Sickles Salient, and the Repulse of Picketts Charge.  4400 men serving in 11 different units. Across all three parts of the army. And their service was historical. Yes one whole brigade was basically observers but the rest .. Oh yes the rest... At least two regiments suffered over 45% casualties, with one 56% lost. More then even a certain regiment from Maine. But thats what this blog is going to be about. To share THE REST OF THE STORY..

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