Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Jersey Units at Gettysburg.. By Corps

Hi all,
Well I thought I would begin to acquaint you with the units from New Jersey at Gettysburg.
They had as follows.

II Corps

12th New Jersey Volunteers ( Buck and Ball boys) Two monuments. The Bliss Farm and the Bryan Farm

III Corps
5th New Jersey - North of the Klingle Farm on the West side of the Emmitsburg Road.
6th New Jersey - Valley of Death. at the base of the ridgeline that Devils Den is part of. On the right side of Crawford Ave
7th New Jersey. The Minie ball. located just north of the Peach Orchard.
8th New  Jersey. SSW in the Corner of the Wheatfield With in sight of the Rose Farm
11th New Jersey. Just SOUTH of the Klingle Farm. on the Emmitsburg Road

12th Corps
13th New Jersey Splanglers Spring. Just south of the parking lot for lower Culps HIll and the spring itself.

 VI Corps
The FIRST JERSEY BRIGADE. 1,2 4 and 15 regiments. Their monument to al of these regiments stands  on what some of come to call the Meade Spur down off of Little Round Top. Just south of the PA monument, also acroos the street for the intersection of US Ave and Hancock Blvd.

ist New Jersey Light Artillery
Battery A, Hexamers Battery. Maybe the easiest monument to find on the field
South side of the PA Monument
Battery B Clarkes Battery. The Peach Orchard and next to the 7th New Jerseys monument

1st New Jersey Cavalry - East Cavalry Field.

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