Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The saga of the 2nd New Brigade or better known as where oh where did my brigade go!?

During the afternoon hours of July  2, 1863, the 2nd New Jersey brigade found itself playing a game of "Musical locations"... First it found itself siting basically in the woods across the road from the Trostle house. Then it moved to some where just north and west of the Trostle Barn, Only to find itself under artillery fire. It moved again back across the street.. And then back again.. Its commanding officer George C. Burling found himself grumbling and telling a Sickles staff officer to basically leave them alone.

Finally the crescendo of the fighting on that end of the field, the brigade began to get broken up. The 6th, 8th and the 115 Pa found them selves being led by the Colonel himself to the WSW corner of the Wheatfield. However even those 3 regiments didnt stay together for long for the 6th found itself going to into what is going to be later known as the Valley of Death.

The 5th NJ is requisition and finds itself up on the Emmitsburg Rd, where it will later join together with the 11th NJ as they defend the Klingle Farm complex.

The 7th NJ, under Colonel Francine finds itself laying in support of the 1st NJ Light Artillery Battery B, or better known as Clarkes Battery...

The other regiment from the brigade is the 2 New Hampshire. They will find themselves in the Peach Orchard, at the tip of Sickles Salient where they will fight gallantly.. Even fixing bayonets and charging.

All the whille this is going on Burling is basically having his brigade dealt out piecemeal to meet the Confederate advance. Burling eventually will find himself with nothing left to command and reports to General Birney for further orders.

All of these regiments suffer any where between 30% and 50% casualties.

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