Thursday, February 9, 2012

The 11 th New Jersey Regiment of Volunteers at Gettysburg Part II B -Phillip J. Kearny

The OTHER Phil Kearny.... 
Most people who know any thing about New Jersey in the American Civil War, know of Major General Phillip J. Kearny.  But very few folks know that we had TWO Phillip J. Kearnys.  This photo is of the one who was the Nephew of the Major General. 
Like a number of others, he too entered into service with the 1st NJ Volunteers. But as the Master Sgt. 
When the 11th New Jersey musters in, he joins it as a 1st Lt, Co F . Rises through the ranks quickly as casualtys mounted in the regiment.. 
He is the Major of the 11th New Jersey at Gettysburg. And is second in command as it enters the fight at the Klingle Farm..  Now as most know regiment command structures during the Civil War where setup as follows.. Colonel, Lt Colonel , Major, then Company Commanders all Captains , the the SGT Major or Sargent Major of the regiment.  And so on and so fourth. Well the 11ths Lt Colonel Stephen Moore was back in New Jersey in a hospital with a very bad case of dysentery. So bad that it will cause him to resign his commission and leave the army in late July 1863. Because of this illness Kearny as major was second in command.  
When the first volleys are fired by the regiment, Kearny puts his hand on Schoonover shoulder, yells into his ear that "we are going to have one hell of a fight here". no sooner gets the words out of his mouth and a bullet hits him in the knee, spinning him like a top, landing 10 feet away from Schoonover.  He is carried from the field......... The second officer to go down...... 

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