Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A bit of house work

Hi all,
There are many who know me and know me well. I love to share what I learn. However, I also know from the past experience of friends that there are folks who will plagiarize from blogs and websites. It has happened t several times to dear friends.

Having said that, I will say this... All of the information I will refer to here can be found in different places.
However one will have to dig to get to a great deal of it. A lot of it has been gathered over hours and hours of research and travel. Its a passion of mine. It has taken 6 years of reading, and researching. One can do it.

Here is a brief reference list of where a large portion of it can be found.

The New Jersey State Archives: The manuscript collection of all of New Jerseys Units in the War of rebellion.
The Robert McAllister Collection, Alexander Special Library, Rutgers University Library.
The History of the 11th New Jersey Regiment of Volunteers -Thomas Marbaker Longstreet Publishing
The Getysburg Atlas Maps - Phil Liano
The Gettysburg Guide J. David Petruzzi and Steve Stanley
The Official Records of the War of Rebellion- DVD and Gettysburg 3 volumes
The War Time Letters of Robert McAllister- James I Robertson
The Belividere Apollo Feb 26 tto March 6,1891 Warren County Library Archives
New Jersey in the Gettysburg Campaign - Sam Toombs - Longstreet Publishing.
Gettysburg  Regimental Strengths and Loses - Dr David Martin and John Busey - Longstreet Publishing
The Schoonover Papers and family Geneology- Stroudsburg Pa.
New Jersey in the Gettysburg Campaign- Dr David Martin (to be published spring 2012)
Emails with various LBGs and park historians.
Emails Dr David Martin
Emails Joe Bilby
Atlantic County Historical Society- Manuscript collection
The New Jersey National Guard Museum and Library  Sea Girt NJ  Manuscript Collection all regiments

This is only a portion but it will get one started.
Again, if you borrow from this, please ask me first. DO NOT JUST COPY AND PASTE!

Thanks again for reading my blog.....
Back to sharing.

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