Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Jersey at Gettysburg The 11th NJ - Part II -C A missing hero

The  photo is of Capt Andrew Ackerman Co C.. KIA Gettysburg July 2,1863. Orginaly from Jersey City and musters into the regiment as a 2nd LT, he takes command of Co I, shortly after Chancelorsville.
A quiet man as noted by Marbaker in the regimental history of the 11th NJ, he was also a student of the bible, another religious man.  A fine officer fearless in battle, was in the front ranks of his company as it exchanged volleys with Barksdales boys.
Standing next to Schoonover,  there is the smack of a bullet and Schoonover turns to look into the vacant eyes of Ackerman as he sank to the ground with out a word.  There is no record of where on his body he was hit, but I think I have it pretty close to where he went down. Most likely some where behind the house.
After his death, his remains are transported back to Jersey City where he is buried. And then reburied again as the first cemetery fell into disrepair.
From there, no one knows what happened to his remains as that cemetery also went out of business.
Bob McAvoy thinks his remains are either in a mass grave in one of Jersey Citys main cemeteries or under a parking garage for a local hospital. No one is sure.
He photo is one of several from the 11th New Jersey found on the wall of faces in the Visitor Center Museum at Gettysburg.. I make sure when ever I am down there, if I can, I go, and pay my respects to him. His picture is in reach of my touch. And I also tap it to let him know he isnt forgotten.
He is unfortunately forgotten in our day and age. He doesnt deserve his fate. But then again, he died in my mind a hero.
Rest in Peace Captain.
JIM ;-(

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