Thursday, March 8, 2012

The 11th New Jersey at Gettysburg Part 4 Location, Location, Location

I have shared the story of how I got start on my focus on New Jersey at Gettysburg, so I will not go over that again, unless it is felt that I needed to so. Therefore I will go from there.

One of the incredible things of New Jersey at Gettysburg is that the units from NJ were involved in almost every key part and point of the three days Even to the point of having representation in other units and means of service that included all three days. We had men who were part of Brig General, John Bufords staff, we had men in a New York battery that served on all three days. We even had men in such notable units as the 14th Brooklyn or better known as the 84th NY.

The places that still ring down through history. THE WHEATFIELD, THE VALLEY OF DEATH, THE PEACH ORCHARD, THE BRYAN FARM, or the field of Picketts Charge.. All places that are even known to those with even a basic knowledge of not only Gettysburg, but the Civil War itself.

But how many know of the FIGHT FOR THE KLINGLE FARM? If I were to take a vote I bet I might even among my closest friends get ohhhh maybe a couple of handfuls of votes. The Klingle Farm is not that well known.. And yet... 4 brigades of the Army of the Potomac basically get so badly mauled that they are never again the same as they were even before the battle.  And in the midst of this carnage not one, but TWO regiments from New Jersey. The 5th New Jersey and the 11th New Jersey.

By way of quick review, the 5th was from George Burlings 2nd NJ Brigade. And the 11th from Joseph Carrs brigade. The 5th was the orphan as the other regiments in and around the farm were from the same brigade as the 11th NJ.

So where is the farm you might ask? Its located on the Emmitsburg Road. The two more famous farms are to its south and north. On the North is the Cordori Farm. By about a 1/2 mile. To its south, by about 500 yards is the Sherfy Farm.. Both on the Emmitsburg Road.  The Klingle farm or "Klingel farm" can be found here on Gettysburg Daily And this update gives you an great idea of the land around it. I will post some other photos later on..

This complex sits atop one of the highest points if not the highest point on what is known as the Emmitsburg Road ridge line or spur. This ridge line runs through the heart of the battlefield with its lowest points in front of the Angle and also the southern end of it as it tails off.. Its one of the reasons why Sickles moves his III Corps  out to man this spur.

So with that Introduction done, what will follow is basically the places the 11th will find itself in during its part in the fight for the farm. Its an interesting study. So stay tuned!

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