Monday, March 19, 2012

11th New Jersey at Gettysburg... Part 4.. Locations, you want locations?

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Sorry for the time lapse in the update of this blog. First day I have had to sit down, and put this together.

The 11th arrived with the rest of the III Corps some time during the early hours of July 2,1863. The very first place it finds itself is in the area behind where the statue to Father Corbys monument now stands stretching towards with the wonderful monument to the officers from New York served at Gettysburg.  Thats what this series of included photos show. The last being Corbys statue.

The interesting thing is that when the 11th NJ wakes up after falling asleep where it stopped, the view west would have been in a surreal. Before them lay the battlefield the ground they would advance, first with flags snapping in the breeze, bands playing, to take up their positions and then fight, bleed and give that last full measure..  This last photo shows the view of what they would have seen once the day had cleared and brightened. In the distance in this last shot is the Klingle Farm complex. Not quite a mile away. Oh yes btw, according to LBGs and other friends of mine.. This is the position that the III Corps was supposed to take up.

It makes my blood boil when I stand there and look out. Why? Because if Longstreets Corps advances over this ground, its a wide open killing field .. In my honest opinion it would have been a killing field. Wide open.. The area that looks like scrub and trash is the Cordori/Trostle Thicket.. Plum Run..  I will never understand it.

And the 11th NJ and the rest of the III corps units that advance out there pay for this mistake with their lives!
That makes me furious...

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