Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A new fight, new project, and yea, I am stoked.

Hi all,

Well even though we don't get much attention, I am going to use this to share a concern..

A couple of years ago, it came to my attention that we had a unit from New Jersey that suffered heavily during the Gettysburg campaign. No, its not the 11th New Jersey..

I speak of the 1st New Jersey Cavalry.

Yes they fought and well I might add at Gettysburg during July 3 and the repulse of Stuarts men over on what is now called East Cavalry Field.. They have a wonderful monument over there btw.

But their main place of service was at Brandy Station where they lost their Colonel, Lt Colonel, major and squadron commander. All killed or captured or badly wounded.

The place they fought on at Brandy Station was the subject of a great deal of controversy as the Brandy Station Foundation failed to do its duty. It failed to protect the ground on which they served. And lost so heavily.

Eric Wittenberg a good friend of mine, and also well known author and Civil War historian called the BSF out on their lack of fulfilling in essence their chartered duties. It wasn't until Eric and Bud Hall basically let the world in on what the BSF had not done. And the situation was well I will not call it fully resolved yet.

The property and house that sit on top of this key position is up for sail. It carry's a tidy price tag. At least a couple of million.

Now I not a well known historian and certainly do not carry nor have the weight of authority that Bud Hall or Eric have, but I do have a voice. And a loud one. Any one of my friends including Eric will tell you that.

Ok you might ask, what is the project?? Whats got you so well worked up.....

I want to issue a call to arms to all of my Civil War friends. We have a chance to buy this land, and give it to the CWT. I wouldn't put it in the hands of the BSF unless there is a complete turnover of those who are in control now. But if you are concerned about this like I am. And want to help out and set something right. To correct a wrong that is so horrendous. Here is your chance.

I will be staying in touch with Eric.. And will find out where to send any funds.

I plan to give as soon as I know where to send the money. All I want to know is.. Are any of you, any of my other friends in? We can do no less. And if you dont want to do it for yourself. Do it for those sons of New Jersey who on a warm June day, layed it all on the line. For you and me.....

Its up to us..
TO ARMS!!!!!!

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